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Welcome to our online store. Go ahead and click on something to start exploring what we have to offer.

About us

We are a a regenerative, pasture-based livestock farm in CT. Animal Welfare Approved pork & eggs. Certified Grass Fed lamb & goat. All corn-free & soy-free. For more info about us head over to our main webpage. 


Did we mention that inventory management is hard? If the stars align, we this store should be accurate to everything we have in stock. Occasionally the stars do not align and we will be out of something or we have something that is not indicated. Oops! If you know we have something in stock that is not listed let us know in the comments of your order and we can add it on. If you order something we are out of stock on we will let you know when we finalize the order. 

Checkout process, account creation, and estimated pricing

We sell meat that is pre-packaged. Not all the packages we sell are the same size. On this site we give a rough idea of the size of the package and the estimated cost. When you place your order you won't be charged immediately and your order wont be finalized quite yet. We will get a confirmation of your order and actually package everything up, and adjust the order to match actual weights as we go. Once we finalize your actual weights you will be charged (if your using online payment), and you will get a final receipt of exactly what was packaged for you. Then you just need to show up at your scheduled pickup time and everything will be waiting for you.

When you checkout you will need to create an account. If you are already shopping form another farm that uses Eat From Farms (this online shopping platform) then you will use the same account login. If you don't already have an account then signing up is just as simple as any other platform, Just note that the confirmation code email will come from Eat From Farms and not BOTL Farm. All other communications will have BOTL Farm in the subject. 

Preference of Payment Methods

Cash and checks do not carry additional or hidden fees with them, whereas our business always has to pay a fee to process a credit card. Depending on the amount of each credit card purchase, we lose 3-12% of the total sale to processing fees and the same goes with PayPal, Venmo, ApplePay, and debit cards.

Online credit card processing is even more expensive than in person credit card processing. We always encourage cash or check but pay however works for you.

Note: Some items we offer a cash/check discount on. These discounts are listed in the item description and will be applied after checkout before your order is finalized. 

Cut off times and store hours

We do encourage online orders and confirmation before arriving for pickup, but most of our pickup locations and times allow for in-person orders and don't necessarily need to be placed online in advance. 

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