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Pork - All

Our pigs are Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World, raised on pasture and in forest (eat the forest, pigs!) for their entire lives, all year round, so they’ve never seen the inside of a barn. The pigs are fed a corn-free, soy-free, non-GMO, organic feed, on which they grow for 7-9 months to a finishing weight of 200-300 lbs.

Pork Chops

Thick-cut chops (1.25 inches thick).

Maple Breakfast Links

Small, breakfast-sized links.

Kielbasa Links

Good for grilling. Usually five links per package.


Hard cured, shelf stable, old world style salami.

Pork Tenderloin

Lean and incredibly tender, this is the filet mignon of pork.

Hot Italian Sausage

This fairly-spicy sausage is packed as 1/4 lb patties. Once thawed, they cook up in just a few minutes for a quick...


Spreadable pork liver pate.

Fresh Belly

Slabs of fresh, un-smoked whole belly with skin on. Ideal for smoking and in dishes that call for pork belly.

Ground Pork

Just ground pork, nothing added.

Country Style Ribs

Meaty "ribs" are actually cut from the tender part of the shoulder. Bone-in.


A full rack of spareribs in each pack.

Smoked Chops

A cross between bacon, ham, and pork chop but different from all three. Definitely worth a try.

Bacon (Belly)

This is the traditional cut of bacon, thick-ish slices of smoked and cured belly. Also called American bacon and...

Cottage Bacon

A boneless pork butt cured, netted, then smoked. It binds together when smoked, then sliced thin like Canadian bacon....

Bacon Ends

Cubed pieces of bacon. Perfect for stews, beans, soups, and as toppings to baked potatoes or heavy green salads.

Jowl Bacon

Made from the cheek of the pig. Jowl fat is thought by many to be the highest-quality fat on a pig.

Pork Bone Broth

Gelatinous meat jello with a healthy fat cap. Not your grocery store bone broth! Makes a flavorful and nutritious...

Smoked Hocks

Bone-in, skin-on, and smoked, these offer incredible flavor to soups, stews, and pots of beans.

Bacon Broth

Gelatinous meat jello with a healthy fat cap. Processed with bacon scraps for that added smoked flavor. Not your...

Bacon Lard

Rendered pork back fat and bacon trimmings. Pure and creamy lard, with just a hint of smoke from bacon. Can be used...

Crunchy Pork Skin (Chicharron)

Crunchy baked pork skin. Good for dogs and humans. No salt. To make a more traditional chicharron, just fry and add...

Lard Biscuits

Flaky, buttermilk-style biscuits made with lard and frozen. The farmers hand-make these at home under their CT...

Pork Meatballs

Perfect for a quick weeknight meal. Hand-made by the farmers using our own pork and eggs plus breadcrumbs from bread...

Trotters/Pig Feet

This part of the pig has lots of different names, but we offer it as toes up about 8 or 10 inches to the first joint....

Salt Pork - Smoked Fat

This is the modern version of salt pork: cut off a chunk of this, heat it in a pan for a few minutes, and then add...


Liver is an amazing source of nutrients and minerals. If you don't fancy eating liver but want the nutrition,...

Crispy Pig Tail

Baking the tails not only makes them crispier, but renders off some fat as well. You're left with crunchy skin...

Crispy Pig Ear

Baking the ears makes them crispier and renders off some of the fat. Crunchy!


Loose sausage with a mild heat and heavy paprika.

Smoked Skin

The skin trimmings from bacon. Perfect for wrapping a skinless roast before cooking.

Boston Shoulder Roast

Great for pulled pork, or smoking.

Picnic Shoulder Roast

Great for pulled pork, or smoking.

Leaf Fat

Raw unrendered leaf fat. This is the fat around the internal organs that balers especially like to use.


Great joint for smoking or tchicking a soup. See Smoked Hocks for our already smoked.

Pork Head

Jowls, ears and sometimes tongue removed. Skin on.

Leaf Lard

Made from leaf fat, The fat around the kidneys, Leaf lard is a finer and harder lard than lard made from backfat....

Smokey Bacon Harissa Hot Sauce

Made with BOTL Farm Canadian bacon and Assawaga Farm peppers in collaboration with Dragon Blood Elixir.

Hot Dogs

Not your traditional hot dogs. Made with only BOTL Farm pork and spices. If you have not had these before they are...


Hand made by us at CLiCK commercial kitchen.

Dragon Chicken Dip

Its like buffalo chicken except made with Dragon Bloods Elixir hot sauce, our stew hens, and the highest quality...

Refried Bean Dip

What is a good use of lard? Make bean dip. this dip is fully made and ready to heat an eat.

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